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My Sugar Detox and So Much More...

So many of you have asked about my sugar detox that I do. Well it all goes hand in hand with my eating lifestyle that I have chosen. Please note that I did not say diet. This is because I fall off diets so easily and gain back all if not more than I lose. They are not realstic for a family such as mine and I am not one to prepare separate meals for my whole family. Not. Gonna. Happen. This eating lifestyle affords me the luxury of not only getting off plan and coming back on smoothly, but it is designed in a way that meets all my cravings and can be adapted to recipes and meals that my family loves. The crazy health benefits are amazing and lasting. Blood sugar levels drop. Inflammation and bloating are gone. Inches fall off, energy for days, and sickness doesn’t come very often to me. I know this sounds too good to be true. It’s crazy sometimes when I look at myself or after a 2 week binge of holiday treats, that I can get my body cleaned out and not suffer from huge headaches and serious energy loss. I mean there is some of that but not when I stick to some tricks I picked up along the way that work for me. I’ll share them here and hopefully they will work for you too. Don’t get me wrong, the eating plan I do is work. I plan ahead. I prep for success. I have a list in my visor of things to grab when I am in jam at restaurant or all I see are fast food places. I set reminders on my phone until my body tells me what to do and coming back on the wagon is hard because I DON’T WANT TO EAT A SALAD! LOL! I think the biggest dilemma is the scale. I am super goal oriented so if I eat good all week long and only see one or two pounds gone, I get mad. Or maybe the scale doesn’t move at all! But the key to keep going is to not use the scale as a gauge for your progress. Here are my progress tips that I suggest using for you: 1. HOW DO YOU FEEL? This is number one! 2. STAIRS - I go up a flight of stairs in my house that is at least 10-12 stairs. Am I less winded? Can I take 2 at a time? 3. THE WEDDING RING - Is it tight? Is it getting looser? 4. My Favorite....THE PANTS TEST! - This is the one that proved to me that this plan was working. Although the scale didn’t move but a few pounds in a couple weeks, my inflammation was gone. Bloating gone. Inches, shed. I hand a pair of jeans over my closet door so they are staring me in the face everyday. Then every other week I try them on and track the progress. Leg room, waist room, muffin top or not, and of course butt check. Guys....this is my new scale. I can care less what that number on the scale says. It’s about how I feel, how I can function in life and how I want to look. That’s all. So what is the plan? It is called Trim Healthy Mama. Here is the link to the book called Trim Healthy Mama Plan. Trim Healthy Mama Plan: The Easy-Does-It Approach to Vibrant Health and a Slim Waistline Trim Healthy Mama's Trim Healthy Table: More Than 300 All-New Healthy and Delicious Recipes from Our Homes to Yours Then they have 2 cookbooks out there that have so many amazing recipes. But the best part is you can take what you already cook and “THM” it. It just takes some brain power. The plan introduces your body to things you may not know are out there, in your regular grocery store. I ate THM for one year without every buying any special ingredients. I only shopped at Wal-Mart and Costco. Sometimes I would amazon something or stop in Whole Foods to grab something. But now my Walley World is carrying almost everything! The plan eliminates sugar from your diet and has you pair certain foods together for the best benefit they can be to your body. For instance....I can have red meat, just not with beans or rice. I can have beans and rice, just not with cheese or sour cream. I have included links to some very helpful charts that break down the 2 basic meals you can have. There are other ones but let’s not complicate things. An S meal means it’s satisfying. It also means that it includes more fats and proteins. Hello cheese, red meat, whole eggs, heavy cream, and cream cheese! Then there is an E meal meaning it’s energizing. It includes more carbs and proteins. Hello grains and beans and egg whites. It’s all in how you pair your food. Below are a couple blogs that I love that explain a simple breakdown of the process. Finally here are my tried and ture tips for a detox.... 1. Eat every 3-4 hours. Constantly eating will keep your blood sugar down, your tummy from complaining too much and your brain busy. Even if you don’t feel like it the first few days, eat super small snacks. Your body is going to freak out after a gorge. 2. Water. Water. Water. Drink a bottle of water the moment you wake up. Room temp is best. Set it on your nightstand and chug in the morning. This tip is from my trainer, Yvette Carington and the mornings I do this I have so much more energy to get up and get moving. Next, I drink a bottle of water with every snack and meal. Here is my eating schedule: Wake up - Water Breakfast - Bottle of water (I actually have to drink 2 bottles to get in all of my water intake for the day.) Lunch - 2 bottles of water Snack - bottle of water Dinner - 2 bottles of water Dessert or snack - NO BOTTLE OF WATER unless you want to pee all night. 3. Drink Oolong tea! Hot or cold. Slow down and enjoy tea. 4. Drink a GGMS! This is called a Good Girl Moonshine. Basically I pair a lacroix with apple cider vinegar then I’m done. That ACV will do wonders for your gut and and body and pain. I replace a couple bottles of water with this. 5. On my first day or two I keep a hershey kiss around to pop in my mouth if I become too irritable or shakey. Hey. No judging. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 6. Finally, go easy on yourself. Feeling better will not happen overnight so take it slow and keep track of your progress by journaling, blogging, posting or talking to someone. IT REALLY HELPS! Just keep the meals 3 hours apart for max detox. Finally I get moving. I walk or workout or try to do yoga (which I use for deep breathing). I really hope this helps you guys! If you can’t afford a cookbook go to pinterest or a couple of the blogs I listed below and read up. It will change your life! Briana Thomas:

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