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Just a Small Town Girl

Born and pretty much raised in Tupelo, MS, I grew up in public schools, playing outside until the porch lights came on, and surrounded by lots of family. Did I mention I was and still am a HUGE Elvis fan? Drama surrounded and dictated my life. I was encouraged by great teachers to pursue my acting dreams and I did.


Heading off to college in Fulton, MO, I was able to be challenged and changed through theatre. I was introduced to every moving part of a production and gained so much respect for the teamwork it takes to tell an effective story. I left college and started working full time in children's ministry at my church back in MS. There I helped plant a church and develop the youth and kids department. 


Meeting and marrying my husband, an Alabama boy (Roll Tide), we accepted a position as pastors in another church plant in Jackson, MS. We served 7 years there where we helped develop almost every department, from nursery to children, to youth, to young adults, worship, women's and fine arts ministry. While in MS, I also taught theatre and directed in every venue I could get my hands on. I taught after-school care, private lessons, elementary and high school, ministry college, community theatre and university. I traveled to camps and conferences speaking to children, children's workers, encouraging women and setting up fine arts ministries in local communities or churches. Training children's leaders and workers became a huge part of my life and one that I enjoyed the most. 


We moved to Kansas City, MO in 2009 and things did not slow down. I directed an international production facility that housed full time acting troupes, dance teams, artists, and classes open to the public. I wrote and produced musicals and plays for both adults and children. After 3 years of non-stop fun and chaos, I resigned to have a third child and focus in on being a present mom and wife. 


This journey has led me to where I am in Kansas City with my super genius husband, Josh, with our amazing 3 children, Emma, Eli, and Ethan (The E thing just kind of happened. It's a long story) and our teddy bear dog, Hank. My life isn't perfect and it's not always pretty, but I can assure's never boring!

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